Rory's Place: Cottage E
Rory lives in Cottage E, a small, two-story, two-bedroom building out in the village.

On the ground floor there is an open plan parlor and kitchen. The front door is to the right of the camera in this picture. Not pictured here: bookshelves next to the loveseat.

Upstairs, we have Rory's bedroom

And a shared bath.

There is a second bedroom up there, but the door is currently locked and the room inaccessible. Out back of the cottage there is a garden, accessible through a door in the kitchen.

If your character is new at the resort or looking to move out into the village, contact me and we can talk about cohabitation. :)

Six Word Stories
[Sitting alone, cleaning his built-in gun.]

You're not fooling anyone, you know.

[In his office, working on tech.]

I love you, you stupid bitch. ♥

Sleep was better without the dreams.

six word stories again
*Bloodstained* Fell off the wagon again . . .

Lost my sonic.
Where is it?

Now, there's no need for that.

*holding small torch* Hey, you're flammable!

I kind of hate desk duty.

Silent movies were never summer blockbusters.

Six Word Stories
You will not open this box.

[Glances at sun, worried he'll melt.]

I just sneezed up something purpley.

[Holding his head, wincing a little.]

Alcohol's s'possed to make you sleep.

*Sitting on sidewalk, playing with lightning*

application for The Last Resort
Player Information
Your name/pseudonym: Kathryn
Are you 18 or older at the time of this application? Yes
What gender pronouns do you prefer?: She/her
Your email:
Your chat handles: AIM: thspoofmaster
Do you currently have any other characters in this game? If so, please list them here: Papageno and the meta-crisis!Doctor

Character Information
Name: Rory Williams
Nickname/aliases: The Lone Centurion, the boy who waited
Canon (e.g. Harry Potter/Firefly/Star Trek): Doctor Who
Canon Type (e.g. book, movie, television show, play)?: TV show
Character's LJ: nursewilliams
Brief history of your character (100-200 word minimum):
Rory Williams was born and raised in the English village of Leadworth. He became friends, and later a "sort of boyfriend" of a girl named Amelia Pond starting when they were both under ten years old. Amelia had met the Time Lord known as the Doctor when she was seven years old, and for years Rory was often a somewhat unwilling participant in the games she devised for them to play, in which he was often required to dress as her supposedly imaginary friend, the Raggedy Doctor. Rory started his medical training at a young age, and by the time the Doctor made his return to Leadworth in 2008, he was among the Royal Leadworth Hospital's newest staff members, having received his qualification as a nurse earlier that year. His observant nature and dedication to his patients led Rory to notice what escaped the attention of the hospital's doctors and the older members of the nursing staff: the fact that several of the hospital's comatose patients had been making waking appearances outside of the institution's walls, in Leadworth proper. Despite being chastised for attempting to bring this mystery to his superiors' attentions, Rory continued investigating the problem, and his observances and photographic evidence were ultimately helpful in aiding the Doctor to discover the nature and location of Prisoner Zero, a shape-shifting alien who had been using the patients as sources of physical forms it could take in order to escape notice while in town.

After saving the world with Amy and Rory in tow, the Doctor pulled a disappearing act once more, leaving the pair of them with only a few bizarre memories as evidence of his existence. In the two years that followed, Rory graduated from being Amy's "sort of boyfriend" to being her fiance, though he continued to be intimidated by her. Unbeknownst to Rory, on the eve of their wedding the Doctor returned once more, this time taking Amy with him on the journey through time and space that he had promised her when she was seven years old. Rory was left behind, unaware that his fiance had taken off with the handsome alien until some time later in the Doctor's timeline, when the Time Lord was jumped by Amy and decided to go back to that night and retrieve Rory from the midst of his stag party and set the two humans up on a date in Venice before she could forget her fiance entirely. The date in Venice turned into saving Venice from invading aliens, and Rory's discomfort with the adventuring lifestyle lead by the Doctor and his companions, as well as his anger at the Doctor for endangering Amy, came to the forefront. The three of them finally saved the day, however, and Rory began to be more comfortable with the sort of adventures to be had while living aboard the TARDIS, even if he would have preferred to return home with Amy and get married rather than go on traveling indefinitely before their wedding, as she was inclined to do.

Soon afterward, all three travelers fell victim to psychic pollen that had fallen into the TARDIS's Time Rotor and were subjected to two shared dreams by a man who called himself the Dream Lord and claimed that only one of the scenarios was a dream. One of these took place onboard the disabled TARDIS, which was being pulled into a freezing star, and the other took place in Upper Leadworth, where Amy and Rory had been living together as a married couple for five years after leaving the TARDIS behind. In the Leadworth dream, Rory had become a doctor and grown a ponytail, and the pair were expecting their first child. Rory was convinced that the dream in Leadworth was reality, even up until the moment when he died in that dream, telling Amy with his last breath to take care of their unborn child. Fortunately for Rory, he was wrong, and Amy and the Doctor broke the group out of both dreams by dint of dream suicide.

Unfortunately for Rory, their next stop was in Wales in the year 2020, where they encountered a group of Silurians whose underground city had been disturbed by human drilling. Rory was briefly separated from the others, during which time the Doctor lost Amy to a hole in the Earth. Rory aided the Doctor and the small group of humans in the area in capturing a Silurian warrior named Alaya to use as a bargaining chip in the eventual return of Amy and several other humans who had been taken by the reptilian race. Despite his best efforts, Rory was unable to prevent Alaya from dying a short time later when she was attacked by one of the other humans in retaliation for the Silurians' actions. Alaya's death would later provoke her sister, Restac, into complete unwillingness to hold the uneasy peace brokered between her people and the human race by the Doctor and Amy. Restac attempted to raise an invasion force despite the decree of Eldane, the leader of the Silurians, and Eldane was forced to flood the Silurian city with poisonous gas, ensuring that any being within the city who was not in stasis would be killed. Rather than admit defeat, Restac pursued the Doctor and his companions as they attempted to return to the TARDIS, and though the gas did finally kill her, she was able to catch up to them and fire a shot at the Doctor before she died. Rory stepped between the Doctor and the blast, taking the shot in his place, and was killed for the second time, this time for real. Worse than that, after Rory died in Amy's arms once more, his body was absorbed by one of the cracks in space and time that had followed the Doctor through his travels, causing Rory to never have been born. The Doctor, having a more complex perception of time than the average being, was able to remember his former companion, but Rory seemed to be erased entirely from the memories of his own fiance.

To the surprise of the Doctor, however--and what's more, to Rory's surprise--the young man afterward found himself resurrected as a Roman soldier in the year 102 AD. Upon first waking to that life, Rory nearly believed himself to really be a Roman soldier and for all of his previous life in Leadworth and later the TARDIS to be a vivid dream. With the arrival of the Doctor and Amy (following the arrival of the Doctor's mysterious semi-companion, Professor River Song), however, Rory began to hope that his friends had returned for him. In reality, this Roman Rory was actually part of an elaborate trap that had been laid for the Doctor by a large number of his enemies, using memories and images pulled from Amy's mind. The being who had believed himself to be Rory was in actuality a plastic Auton duplicate of the nurse, programmed both with his memories and with the experiences and skills of a Roman centurion. Fifty or so of Rory's Roman cohorts were similar machines, believing themselves to be real Romans until they were called into action by the Nestenes that had created them. Rory fought the call with the help of Amy, who finally remembered who he was in that moment of crisis, but he was unable to stop himself from shooting her when she refused to run away from him.

All seemed to be lost, as Amy lay dead; the Doctor was trapped in the Pandorica, a prison in the shape of a gigantic, elaborate puzzle box; and the universe was ending as the TARDIS exploded simultaneously at all points of space and time. A future version of the Doctor, however, used a vortex manipulator to appear to Rory as he mourned Amy and gave him his sonic screwdriver in order to allow him to rescue the current Doctor from the Pandorica. Rory did so, and the Doctor began forming a plan to save Amy (who was, as it turned out, only mostly dead) as well as the universe as a whole. The Pandorica was such a perfect prison that one could not escape it even by dying, and the Doctor used this fact to their advantage by sealing Amy inside it, where she would be put into stasis. Once the box was presented with an uninjured version of Amy for comparison, it would be able to restore her to life. The Doctor programmed his vortex manipulator to take him to the year 1996, when the young Amelia would be able to visit the museum in which the Pandorica would eventually be housed, and attempted to get Rory to come with him.

Rory, however, realized that Amy would be safer over the centuries if the Pandorica had a guard, and steadfastly refused to leave her side despite the fact that she would be unaware of the time passing, and despite knowing that he would be conscious the entire time, unable to sleep, and unable to repair himself should he be injured. Rory, still dressed in the guise of a Roman centurion, spent the next 1,894 years guarding the Pandorica and its contents, following the box wherever it was taken and preventing all attempts to open it before the right time. He became a figure of legend, appearing in the art of multiple ancient cultures, and made his last appearance as the Lone Centurion during the London Blitz, when he dragged the Pandorica to safety while the warehouse in which it had been stored was destroyed by incendiary bombs. Though he was presumed killed by those who knew of the legend, in reality Rory continued to guard Amy, changing his Roman garb for the uniform of a night watchman in order to be better able to watch over the Pandorica during the last half century before the Doctor's return.

Finally reunited with the love of his life, Rory--along with the Doctor, Amy, and River Song--took part in a series of rather timey wimey events culminating in the Doctor's departure in the Pandorica. The Time Lord intended to fly the Pandorica (which was full of some of the last particles of the universe as it had been) into the heart of the exploding TARDIS, spreading its restorative effects throughout all of space and time with the force of the very explosion that had led to the end of the universe. Amy, River Song, and Rory were left behind, knowing that if the Doctor's plan worked, the universe would be restored but the Doctor would have been erased from time, leaving them all unaware that their alien friend had ever existed.

Brief synopsis of your character's personality (100 word minimum):
Rory is an intelligent, sometimes observant man, though his intelligence cannot, of course, compare to that of the Doctor. He has his slow moments, and sometimes misses that which should be obvious, but when it comes to people (such as his patients), Rory is deeply caring and attentive. Though he loves Amy deeply and abidingly, he is, for some time, afraid of her, and allows her first to force him into her Raggedy Doctor games, and later to dictate the terms of their romantic relationship. He lacks confidence in her attraction to him--though Amy is at the center of all Rory's hopes and dreams, he realizes that he is not exactly the culmination of her desires. When Amy appears to be presented with a choice between the Doctor and Rory, Rory is worried despite her (somewhat flippant) assurances that he will not be the one she chooses. After his death in their shared dream, however, Amy becomes much more attentive and their relationship is placed on firmer ground, helping Rory to gain confidence in himself and in their upcoming marriage. His centuries of guarding the Pandorica, too, mold him into a stronger man, able to face up to nearly two thousand years of lonely guardianship.

Age: 1,915 years (looks about 21)
Appearance (please be sure to include any distinguishing traits that you want other characters to notice, .e.g. scars, eye color, particular jewelry): Rory is not a traditionally handsome young man. He's wiry (bony, even), with a narrow face, a large nose, and an odd turn to his mouth. He has light brown, slightly messy hair, and blue-green eyes. The fact that he is in reality a plastic robot is not at all apparent from his general appearance (unless, of course, he reveals the energy weapon built into his right hand).
Icon (100x100 pixels, preferably textless, good quality icon for cast list):

Game Information
What is the point of your character's canon in which you are introducing your character? (Year, after or during book #/comic issue/television episode, etc.) : During "The Big Bang," immediately after the Doctor departs in the Pandorica on his way to reboot the universe.
Is your character alive or dead at the point of entry to the game?: Alive, for a given value of living.
What skills does your character have?: Rory is a registered nurse, having completed his education at a relatively young age and gone to work in his home town's hospital. He's read up on some scientific theories in response to the appearance of the Doctor in his and Amy's lives, but is not always able to follow the Time Lord's technobabble. Since being resurrected as an Auton duplicate, Rory has also been imprinted with the knowledge and skill set of a Roman soldier circa 102 AD, and is an accurate shot with his built-in gun.
Your character will find 10 personal items in their room that the island has placed there. You may only include things that your character would have canonically. Please list them here. (Clothing need not be included as it is automatically provided. Any special articles of clothing, however, e.g. a team uniform, must be listed):
The engagement ring with which he proposed to Amy
Roman centurion clothing and armor
Roman sword
His night watchman uniform and equipment, including a flashlight
A red shirt with a photo of himself and Amy printed on it in the shape of a heart with an arrow through it on the front and "Rory's Stag" on the back with a 9 under it, from his stag night
His scrubs and ID from Royal Leadworth Hospital
A small collection of books, ranging from medical texts to science fiction novels

Entrance Post

Who: Rory and whomever
When: Morning
Where: The Tourist Office
What: The Lone Centurion arrives at the resort

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