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nursewilliams's Journal

5 April
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Character Information
Name: Rory Williams
Nickname/aliases: The Lone Centurion, the boy who waited
Canon (e.g. Harry Potter/Firefly/Star Trek): Doctor Who
Canon Type (e.g. book, movie, television show, play)?: TV show

Brief synopsis of your character's personality (100 word minimum):
Rory is an intelligent, sometimes observant man, though his intelligence cannot, of course, compare to that of the Doctor. He has his slow moments, and sometimes misses that which should be obvious, but when it comes to people (such as his patients), Rory is deeply caring and attentive. Though he loves Amy deeply and abidingly, he is, for some time, afraid of her, and allows her first to force him into her Raggedy Doctor games, and later to dictate the terms of their romantic relationship. He lacks confidence in her attraction to him--though Amy is at the center of all Rory's hopes and dreams, he realizes that he is not exactly the culmination of her desires. When Amy appears to be presented with a choice between the Doctor and Rory, Rory is worried despite her (somewhat flippant) assurances that he will not be the one she chooses. After his death in their shared dream, however, Amy becomes much more attentive and their relationship is placed on firmer ground, helping Rory to gain confidence in himself and in their upcoming marriage. His centuries of guarding the Pandorica, too, mold him into a stronger man, able to face up to nearly two thousand years of lonely guardianship.


Age: 1,915 years (looks about 21)
Appearance (please be sure to include any distinguishing traits that you want other characters to notice, .e.g. scars, eye color, particular jewelry): Rory is not a traditionally handsome young man. He's wiry (bony, even), with a narrow face, a large nose, and an odd turn to his mouth. He has light brown, slightly messy hair, and blue-green eyes. The fact that he is in reality a plastic robot is not at all apparent from his general appearance (unless, of course, he reveals the energy weapon built into his right hand).

Game Information
What is the point of your character's canon in which you are introducing your character? (Year, after or during book #/comic issue/television episode, etc.) : During "The Big Bang," immediately after the Doctor departs in the Pandorica on his way to reboot the universe.
Is your character alive or dead at the point of entry to the game?: Alive, for a given value of living.
What skills does your character have?: Rory is a registered nurse, having completed his education at a relatively young age and gone to work in his home town's hospital. He's read up on some scientific theories in response to the appearance of the Doctor in his and Amy's lives, but is not always able to follow the Time Lord's technobabble. Since being resurrected as an Auton duplicate, Rory has also been imprinted with the knowledge and skill set of a Roman soldier circa 102 AD, and is an accurate shot with his built-in gun.
Your character will find 10 personal items in their room that the island has placed there. You may only include things that your character would have canonically. Please list them here. (Clothing need not be included as it is automatically provided. Any special articles of clothing, however, e.g. a team uniform, must be listed):
The engagement ring with which he proposed to Amy
Roman centurion clothing and armor
Roman sword
His night watchman uniform and equipment, including a flashlight
A red shirt with a photo of himself and Amy printed on it in the shape of a heart with an arrow through it on the front and "Rory's Stag" on the back with a 9 under it, from his stag night
His scrubs and ID from Royal Leadworth Hospital
A small collection of books, ranging from medical texts to science fiction novels

This journal is for fun only, no profit. I do not own any part of Doctor Who or the character of Rory Williams.

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